Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Lets Rock! Camp


2018 Ladies Rock Camp will take this Fall. Please subscribe to our newsletter here to be notified when registration begins.

Ladies* Rock Camp is an intensive, three-day music and social justice program for adults, a “grown-up” version of Willie Mae’s summer Girls Rock! Camp. The program brings together folks with varying levels of musical experience for a long weekend of instrument lessons, songwriting, band practice, and workshops, all culminating in a showcase concert at a professional music venue. In all activities, collaboration and creative risk-taking are encouraged. Classes are taught by experienced New York City teaching artists and professional musicians in small, focused groups of students.

*Women (transgender & cisgender), gender non-binary, and trans folks who will be 19 or older during the camp session may apply. We offer sliding scale tuition, making the program accessible to people from all income levels. Also, you don’t have to live in New York to register (please see below for more information about out-of-town campers).

Instrument Instruction

Participants choose one instrument to focus on for the weekend. The choices are drums, bass, guitar, keys, or vocals. Instruction is led by highly qualified volunteers, and happens in small groups. All levels of experience are welcome, from “never played music before” to “piano when I was a kid” to “I play guitar in my band but I’ve always wanted to play drums.”


Throughout the weekend, workshops are held on a variety of topics, from songwriting to screen-printing, and Music of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Band Practice

On the first day, everyone forms bands in a way that is fun, not scary. The bands have band practice every day. During band practice, band members work together to write a song, and practice playing as an ensemble. Band coaches are available to help bands with the writing process, facilitate the rehearsals, and answer questions as necessary. On the final night of the program, everyone performs their songs at the big Ladies Rock Camp all-ages showcase concert, which will be held at a professional music venue.

Lunchtime Performances

Each day, a visiting performer plays a live set, then sticks around to take questions from the group. Past performers have included prominent musicians such as Tracy Bonham, teen bands from the summer camp, and talented local artists.

Fun Activities

At Rock Camp, we know how to have a good time. The camp day is interspersed with fun stuff, from warm-up games to making buttons with your band name.

“I haven’t written or played music since high school, and after camp yesterday I went home and wrote songs until 3am.” – Ladies Rock Camper

“Loved every minute of it. Perfect introduction to drumming and playing as part of a band” – Ladies Rock Camper

Ladies* Rock Camp makes a great gift for someone special in your life!


Cancellation Policy

50% of all tuition payments are non-refundable. Cancellations 3 weeks prior to the camp session will be refunded the other 50%. For cancellations after 3 weeks (and only up to the MONDAY ONE WEEK PRIOR to camp), you may find a replacement for the spot to receive your remaining 50%. Otherwise, this remaining tuition will be used as a donation to the Fairness Fund, which keeps all our programs sliding scale.