Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Willie Mae Music Lab

Willie Mae Music Lab is our  year-round, community music and mentoring program.

For youth programs, students do not need prior musical experience and tuition is sliding scale. All classes are taught by experienced women musicians and educators drawn from the Willie Mae Rock Camp volunteer base.

Band-in-a-Box is perfect for a group of friends who want to form a band and rehearse at home. WMRC provides weekly, in-home band-coaching by an experienced, supportive teacher who helps with everything from how to set up a drum kit to how to write a song. Bands can work together for as short as six weeks or as long as a full school year, and have the choice of doing an in-home “showcase concert,” performing at a WMRC recital, or both (schedules permitting). Packages start at $175/session, with customized gear loan packages available for an additional fee.

Gear Loan
The Gear Loan program allows members of our community to rent, at nominal or no cost, music gear to use during the school year. This initiative provides access to musical instruments to girls and women who might otherwise not have instrument for practice, composition, and performance.

Lessons/Teacher Referrals
Willie Mae Music Lab provides practice space for private lessons and provides referrals to independent music teachers.

Resident Bands
Each year, bands and projects led by female/trans/gender-queer musicians are selected to receive subsidized monthly practice space.

For more information on any of the above programs, please email info@williemaerockcamp.org