Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Community Engagement Workshops

Produced in tandem with WMRC community partners, the year-round workshop series engages the broader WMRC community of youth and adults in order to deepen the organization’s commitment to anti-oppression work through the lens of music and political education. Workshops range from critical dialogues, to art-making, personal growth practice, etc. No previous experience with WMRC or musical instruction necessary. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.


Speak Up! Getting on the Mic: Emceeing and Hosting

This workshop gets your biggest voice out there into the minds of the masses. If you have something to say and you want to sound bold, whether it is on the stage or at a protest, being comfortable as an emcee is key to being heard, and when you’re heard people listen. You’ll emcee next to DJ CherishTheLuv and you’ll learn the difference between big voice and shouting, and you’ll build a muscle within that will help you speak up for yourself and others in the shadows of oppression.

DJ CherishtheLuv
Tuesdays: 11/28, 12/12, 12/19
6:30 – 8:30PM
$75 (this is a class series)*
All Ages

Forming a Connected Community

This workshop brings together the Adults and Parents in the WMRC community to discuss identity, gender and expression. As campers explore the changing gender landscape, both in their every day lives and at camp over the summer, it’s important that the adults around them are also offered the opportunity to engage with the complex, sometimes challenging issues of gender identity. As GR!C encourages all campers to feel confident in who they are, this workshop supports the adults in their community. We all experience gender in different and unique ways, and as educators it’s our goal to form a common understanding and language of respect so that we may teach that language to our children. The goal of this workshop is to familiarize adults, volunteers, staff and parents in the WMRC family with important issues that arise in the LGBTQIA+ community, with a strong emphasis on gender identity, gender expression, trans and GNC identities, and how to best support those who are transitioning.

Jay Bendett, Argo Collective
Thursday: 11/30 
6:30 – 8:30PM
Parents and Adults Working with Youth

Solidarity Beyond Borders: Transnational Resistance as Healing

This workshop seeks to unpack what it means to stand in solidarity with people of color down your block and beyond colonial borders. The framework that we use is one that looks at our own bodies as transnational spaces that we bring to other spaces outside of our own. We carry resilient pieces of our lands, our ancestors, and our traditions within us. We believe solidarity to be the practice required for the liberation of ourselves and Mother Earth- within this may we find our collective and individual healing.

Some questions we will be interrogating are:
How do we create sustainable spaces of solidarity locally?
How do we use this globally and beyond one time donations, marches, and protests?
Who is left out of these spaces? Who is coming through? Who owns these spaces?
How does this space change depending on location? Settler/Occupied lands and our
perpetuation of colonialism even as POC.

Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones & Florcy Romero, Women of Color in Solidarity
Saturday: 12/2
1 – 3PM
16+ Women/Femme/GNC POC

Bystander Intervention 101

Bystander intervention involves a series of tools that can be consciously employed to defuse volatile situations. In this workshop, participants will learn to successfully and safely disrupt a hostile or aggressive situation they may witness, and to ensure their actions are more helpful than harmful.  Participants will identify verbal and non-verbal techniques and tactics to de-escalate conflict, as well as Ds of bystander intervention – direct, distract, delay, and delegate.

Bystander intervention and de-escalation will be presented in the context of harm reduction and self-defense. This introductory workshop will also explore the role of race and gender during an intervention, and will help provide a space for participants to evaluate their role in high risk situations.

Rachel Blum Levy, LMSW
Thursday: 12/7
6 – 9PM

*All prices are based on a sliding scale, which means those who can afford to should pay the suggested donation or more, knowing that their payment assists those who have limited income. Click on the headers to go to the payments page.