Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Jumpstart 2018

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Thank you for your interest in Rock Camp Jumpstart!

Rock Camp Jumpstart is a summer camp for girls (transgender or cisgender), gender non-binary folks from ages ages 5 – 7.  Based on the organization’s award-winning program for older kids, Rock Camp Jumpstart gives campers the opportunity to write their own music and experiment with sound and movement through a wide variety of fun activities.

Campers receive instrument instruction each day in small groups organized by skill level and age. On the first day, campers form bands, and during daily band practice, campers write music and lyrics collectively, assisted by band coaches. At the end of the week, bands perform their original song at a final showcase. Workshops, classes, and band practice are led by volunteers. We strive for camp to be a week that is super fun and meaningful for campers from a variety of identities, perspectives, and experiences.

Date: July 16 – 20, 2018

Monday – Friday, 9am–3:30pm* at Cathedral High School in Midtown Manhattan
Address: 350 East 56th street, New York, NY 10022

Building is wheelchair accessible via the 1011 1st avenue entrance.

M15 Bus to East 54th/55th streets (1st or 2nd avenues)
M102/103 Bus to 50th/52nd street (Lexington or 3rd Avenues)
M1/2/3/4 to 56th street (Madison or 5th avenues)
M57 to 55th street (Sutton Place or 1st avenue)
M31 to 57th & 2nd Avenue
Express Buses:
BM1/2/3/4/5, X2/5/10/10B/17/17J/22/22A/31 to 57th & 3rd avenue
QM34/40/42 to 55th & 3rd avenue
BXM18, Q32 to 56th & Madison Avenue
X12/14/30/42 to 54th street & 5th Avenue
QM21, X63/64/68 to 57th & Park Avenue
X28/27/37/38 to 57th street & Madison Avenue
4/5/6/N/R/W trains to 59th street and Lexington Avenue
E/F/M trains to 53rd & Lexington Avenue
F/Q trains to 63rd & Lexington Avenue
Final concert, Friday July 20th@ 2PM at Cathedral High School

*An extended day option is available until 5:30PM for families that can not pick up campers at 3:30PM. More details in the application.

Information to connect families prior to camp about coordinating pick up and drop off is available with submitted applications.

Apply Online: Registration form

Deadline: May 28th, 2018

Questions? Please contact us at info@williemaerockcamp.org.

We strive to make camp accessible to all applicants, regardless of their financial resources. In this effort, tuition is sliding scale, and free lunch may be made available. Though Rock Camp Jumpstart is a day camp and we do NOT provide lodging, youth who do not to live in NYC are welcome to apply. We are able to offer limited assistance with host-family arrangements. If you are interested in contacting a prospective host family, or if you are a local family interested in hosting a camper, please let us know on your application.

Tuition and Costs

As an anti-racist, feminist organization, we continually work to recognize the ways in which systems of oppression impact our work and the lives of campers and their families. We hope to see an end to poverty and vast income inequality soon. In the meantime, we strive to make camp accessible to all applicants, regardless of their economic resources. Through annual fundraising from institutions and individuals, and reliance on incredible volunteer power year after year, we are able to subsidize tuition for ALL campers. The actual cost to the organization of each camper is approximately $1,000, while the full tuition rate is set at $550. In addition, we utilize a “sliding scale” model for tuition to make camp accessible to as many girls (trans & cis), gender non-binary youth and trans* youth who wish to attend as possible. In the sliding scale model, you determine your tuition based on your income, with the help of our guidelines.

How Should I Determine My Camper’s Tuition?

The chart below offers suggested tuition rates based on a household’s shared annual income, assuming 3-5 folks in the household. Tuition may be made in installments. We know that some families face financial challenges for which they are under- or unsupported, such as extreme medical costs, costs to support those with disabilities, costs related to transitioning, and more, and that all families’ resources, and access to resources, look different. Please select the tuition that is most appropriate, given your financial resources. At the same, time, please be rigorous about paying what you can — we rely heavily on tuition to make camp happen. It is in the spirit of the sliding scale model, and in the spirit of community, to pay what we can, when we can.

Yearly Household Income Suggested Amount Tuition Scale
$101k and up $1100 Full tuition for your camper + Fairness Fund contribution (full support of another camper)
$86K to 100K $750 Full tuition for your camper + Fairness Fund contribution (partial support of another camper)
$66K to 85K $550 Full tuition
$46K to 65K $300
$35K to 45K $100
$34K and under $0-$10

If you are able to, we invite you to contribute to our Fairness Fund by paying a little more. Any amount beyond $600 is considered a gift that is tax deductible, and that will help another camper attend that is not able to afford tuition. Applications fees and tuition, however, are not donations, and therefore are not tax deductible.