Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls! We need the help of lots of reliable, dedicated folks to make camp happen, so thank you for offering your skills, time and enthusiasm.

Summer 2018 Volunteer Dates

Jumpstart: Monday, July 16th – Friday, July 20th, 2018
Girls Rock! Camp: Monday, July 30th – Saturday, August 4th
Girls Rock! Camp: Monday, August 13 – Saturday, August 18

2018 Volunteer Application Coming Soon! If you’d like to be notified when applications are open, email volunteer@williemaerockcamp.org

See below for more information about how camp works and volunteer roles. 


Photo by Kate Milford

Volunteering at Ladies* Rock Camp, Rock Camp Jumpstart, & Girls Rock! Camps

Campers at Willie Mae Rock Camp come from a wide range of economic experiences, ethnic identities, gender identities, & boroughs, and more than half self-identify as youth of color. We strive to create a volunteer base that reflects this diversity, and strongly encourage people of color, people who are gender non-binary and/or trans*, and any folks who come from traditionally oppressed experiences to become volunteers and mentors at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. We ALL need role models. Volunteers must be at least 19 years old at the time of camp.



Ladies* Rock Camp (LRC)

Ladies Rock Camp is an intensive, three-day music and social justice program for adult women (trans or cis), gender non-binary folks, and trans* folks. It’s the “grown-up” version of Girls Rock! Camp.

Rock Camp Jumpstart (RCJ)

Rock Camp Jumpstart is a summer camp for girls, gender non-binary youth and trans* youth ages 5 – 7. Rock Camp Jumpstart gives younger campers the opportunity to write their own music and experiment with sound and movement through a wide variety of fun activities.

Girls Rock! Camp (GR!C)

Girls Rock! Camp is a week-long summer day camp program for girls, gender non-binary youth, and trans* youth ages 8 to 18. The program offers instrument instruction, workshops, songwriting/band practice, live performances by visiting artists, and culminates in a showcase concert. There are 2 sessions of Girls Rock! Camp.



We will offer an extremely limited amount of financial assistance for volunteering at Rock Camp. If you feel you cannot volunteer without financial assistance of some kind or you need a travel stipend, please check the financial assistance box on your application, and we will send you more information as it becomes available.



Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, gender identity or expression in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarships, and other Camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer and employment-related policies and activities.



Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls envisions a world without misogyny, transmisogyny and the silencing of women, and strives to be a community in which people of all genders come together to work towards making that vision a reality. Our policies and guidelines are based on the principle that gender is not binary or rigid, and we know that each of us self-determines our gender(s) every day.

We also understand that misogyny and transmisogyny exist in the world, and thus the ways in which we each experience gender varies greatly, depending on a lot of intersecting factors (including our perceived femininity, transgender or cisgender status, race, class, ability and more). Women’s movements have historically (and unfortunately, currently) excluded trans women from their organizing, and Willie Mae Rock Camp refuses to uphold that legacy.

In light of this, Rock Camp welcomes individuals who self-identify as women (transgender and cisgender) and/or non-binary to apply for all positions at camp. Some roles are open to individuals who self-identify as women, men, and/or non-binary.

A special note to man-identified allies:

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is primarily led by and for women and girls. We also welcome the participation of feminists of all genders, and are pleased to provide men (transgender and cisgender) the opportunity to demonstrate their support of women and criticism of patriarchy. To truly make change, people of all genders are needed in our movements, and in our work at camp. To this end, the organization welcomes the support of man-identified allies, and expects man-identified allies who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women. If you have questions about what this means in the camp space, please email volunteer@williemaerockcamp.org.

Binary gender systems are far from perfect, and this language isn’t perfect either. Please join us in this on-going discussion. Have feedback you would like to share? Please email volunteer@williemaerockcamp.org.



Please read through the charts below to see which teams & roles interest you and suit your schedule. You’ll let us know your preferences and availability on the application form. Feel free to sign up for one job or several. Every single job at camp is an important one, and we value any time that you are able to give!

The tentative camp schedule (subject to change!) can be found here.



While it’s true that we can use all the help we can get, we have a limited number of spaces for certain positions, like workshop leader, band coach, and instrument instructor. Creating a multi-racial group of volunteers that reflects New York City communities and our camper-base is a camp priority. Volunteer positions are not filled on a first-come, first-served basis.



*NEW THIS YEAR! This year, all individual roles fall in a team or crew. On the ground, this means teams/crews will hold Team/Crew Meetings throughout the week, will work together at Orientation, and will offer each other support over the course of camp! It also means a more decentralized and collective structure. We’re seeking Team/Crew Point People to hold down each team and do week-specific team coordinating. In the charts below, you’ll also see the team or crew next to the position title.



Team or Crew Who Makes up the Team / Crew?
Counselor Team all counselors
Instrument Instruction Team all instrument instructors
Band Coach Team all band coaches
Workshops Team workshops facilitators and workshop track coordinators
Roadie Crew roadies, gear fixers, solderers, and lunchtime sound folks
Reception Crew am + pm reception workers, people who chat with grown-ups
Assembly Crew announcement makers, warm-up leaders, skit artists, emcees
Kitchen Crew chefs, choppers, knife-sharpeners, snack organization and beautification folks, donation-getters
Media Crew photographers, videographers, social media wailers
Community Care Crew nurses, social workers, frill seekers #shoutoutwalls #kittentips #signs, volunteer lounge-makers, childcare, floaters, hosts, meditation facilitators


Google's Unicorn Face The following positions are open to people who self-identify as women (transgender or cisgender) and/or gender non-binary Google's Unicorn Face

Position & Team General Camp-Week Schedule Full/Part Time? Best for people who… Music Exp Required? (self-taught totally counts)
Counselor, Counselor Team Mon – Fri, 8am – 5:00pm, Sat showcase FULL TIME Preferred: have experience working closely with youth under 18. Are enthusiastic about working with youth No
Counselor Point Person, Counselor Team Mon – Fri, 8am – 5:00pm FULL TIME, *extra time needed during Orientation, and before & after camp for volunteer meetings Have experience as a counselor, enjoy organizing groups of adults, enthusiastic about working with youth, have volunteered at WMRC before No
Band Coach, Band Coach Team Mon – Fri, afternoons, Saturday Showcase PART TIME Have experience with facilitation, conflict resolution, and songwriting Yes
Band Coach Point Person, Band Coach Team Mon – Fri, afternoons, Saturday Showcase PART TIME*extra time needed during Orientation, & before &/or after camp for volunteer meetings Have band coached before, and would like to field inquiries and offer support to others in these roles! This role IS compatible with folks who are also volunteering as band coaches during camp Yes
Instrument Instructor, Instrument Instructor Team Mon – Fri, mornings PART TIME Have experience working with youth, are comfortable imparting knowledge and encouraging creativity Yes
Instrument Instructor Point Person, Instrument Instructor Team Mon – Fri mornings PART TIME*extra time needed during Orientation, & before &/or after camp for volunteer meetings Have been an instrument instructor before and would like to field inquiries and offer support to others in these roles! This role IS compatible with folks who are also volunteering as instrument instructors during camp Yes
Workshop Leader, Workshops Team Workshops are all under 2 hours long, and may take place Once, 2x, or 4x throughout camp Mon – Fri PART TIME Have facilitation and/or classroom experience with youth, are excited to teach youth creative curriculum around topics like music and social justice! No
Screen Printing Pro, Workshops Team Wed, Thurs, Fri, hours vary PART TIME You are an experienced screen printer or an artist committed to learning, interested in helping prepare camper logo and screens, and guide campers through the process of printing their shirts. We also need volunteers (with or without experience) to cut out camper designs, heat set t-shirts, and clean screens after printing! No
Workshop Track Coordinator, Workshops Team Mon – Fri or Tues – Fri PART OR FULL TIME Have a vision for a full workshop track for youth, and are excited to coordinate and implement this vision! You may lead the whole track as one curriculum that builds over the week, or bring in guest facilitators to lead various workshops around one cohesive theme. No
Member, Assembly Crew(incl. am + pm announcements, skits/games, showcase emcees) Mon – Fri, 8:30am – 10:00am + 3:30pm – 4:30pm(GR!C only) PART TIME Are comfortable on the mic, know lots of fun ice breakers & games, and love making announcements! No
Kitchen Coordinator, Kitchen Crew Mon – Fri, 8am – 3pmwith additional pre-camp hours PART TIME Have food service experience and/or familiarity with serving food and managing a team of volunteers No
Camp Nurse, Community Care Crew Mon – Fri, 8am – 4:30pm FULL or PART TIME Have experience with minor first aid and CPR No
Camp Social Worker, Community Care Crew Mon – Fri 8am – 5:00pm PART TIME or FULL TIME Have social work experience No
Floating Counselor, Community Care Crew + Counselor Crew Flexible PART TIME Interested in participating as a counselor, in a camper support role, but cannot commit to the full week of camp. You will not be assigned to a specific group of campers but will be asked to sit in on a class, workshop, or band practice as needed. You may also be asked to spend time with campers who need a break from their busy schedule or help with other tasks at camp as needed! No
Community Care Coordinator Flexible PART or FULL TIME Are excited to think about and coordinate many of the background and care-centered roles of camp (ex: counseling check-ins, frill-seeking, child-care, after camp activities, quiet spaces, supplementary camp zines) No
Photographer, Media Crew Flexible PART TIME Have experience shooting special events and live music No
Videographer, Media Crew Flexible PART TIME Have experience shooting special events and live music No
Media Coordinator, Media Crew Mon., various throughout week, plus some pre & post camp hours PART TIME Are highly organized. Have experience working with photographers and press, in addition to experience with Flickr, Dropbox. No
Lunchtime Sound Point Person, Roadie Crew M – F,11:30am – 2pm(GR!C only) PART TIME Have experience running live sound Yes

Google's Unicorn Face The following positions are open to all gender identities Google's Unicorn Face

Position Schedule Full/Part Time? Best for people who… Music Exp Required? (self-taught totally counts)
Roadie, Roadie crew Flexible FULL or PART TIME Like organizing and moving musical gear. Knowledge of gear a plus, but not required No
Member, Kitchen Crew Flexible FULL or PART TIME Like working with food, keeping supplies organized, like running errands, like organizing and beautifying snack presentation No
Member, Reception Crew Mornings and/or afternoons PART TIME Have an eye for detail, out-going and friendly No
Childcare, Community Care Crew Flexible PART TIME Have experience caring for youth under age 8 No
Frill-Seeking, Community Care Crew Flexible PART TIME Enjoy thinking creatively about setting the tone of camp via crafting projects, making shout-out walls, and more! No
Floater, Community Care Crew Flexible PART TIME Have an unpredictable schedule, enjoy running errands, sharpening pencils, and filling in where needed No
Member, Community Care Crew Flexible PART or FULL TIME You are generally excited about supporting community care at camp!
Host an out-of-town volunteer, Community Care Crew Camp week FULL TIME(kind of) Have a spare room/couch for a volunteer to sleep on for the full week of camp No
Driver, lone wolf Flexible PART TIME Have a car, enjoy running errands No

If you have questions about volunteer information, drop us a line at info@williemaerockcamp.org